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8 Best Pool Supplies to Get for New Owners

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

The summer is even more magical when it’s spent in a pool. If you’ve recently purchased a pool, you need the proper pool supplies to make sure your pool runs smoothly all summer long.

From skimmers to brushes, we’ve rounded up the must-have tools to keep your pool clean and clear. Here’s everything you’ll want to include in your pool supply budget this year.

1. Skimmer

One of the most critical pieces of pool equipment is a skimmer. The skimmer is great for removing leaves, bugs, twigs, grass, and small debris that land on the surface of the water. Skimmers come in a variety of sizes. The size you choose depends largely on the size of your pool and your personal preferences.

While some skimmers come already attached to a pole, others are sold separately. This allows you to switch out the pole length depending on your needs. A skimmer is great for in-between vacuums and when you want to remove something quickly.

2. Nets and Brushes

When you need something deeper than a skimmer, a pool net is a necessity. A pool cleaning kit will typically include a net, brush head, and a pole. This set of tools are great for ensuring your pool is free of debris.

A net comes in handy when you need to reach items from the bottom of the pool. If leaves or sticks find their way to the deep end, a skimmer won’t be enough to retrieve them.

A brush will help to keep the walls and floor of your pool clean. In terms of water clarity, a brush is as important as chlorine. The walls of your pool can stain or collect algae and dirt if they aren’t brushed regularly. It’s a good idea to include brushing your walls with a chlorine-friendly pool cleaner, to keep the water in your pool clear and the walls clean.

3. Chlorine and Other Pool Sanitizers

Chlorine helps to keep your pool free from bacteria and germs. When you add chlorine to your pool water, an acid called hypochlorous is formed. This gentle acid kills bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella. It also helps to remove viruses that cause swimmer’s ear and diarrhea.

Pool shock can also be used to raise your chlorine levels. The point of these products is to get your levels high enough that bacteria, viruses, and algae are killed and removed from your pool water.

Bromine is another popular pool and hot tub cleaner. Bromine works well in hot tubs because of how it interacts with warm water. Like chlorine, bromine neutralizes the bacteria in your pool. This is great for a hot tub because it takes longer to dissolve than chlorine in high temperatures. 

4. Vacuums for Pools

A pool vacuum is another must-have. These are especially helpful in deep pools and during pool opening season. While your filter, skimmer, and net are great for cleaning your water, it’s tough to get small particles that can accumulate at the bottom of your pool.

A pool vacuum often connects to your garden hose to help with the suction. The vacuum net collects debris from the water and the bottom of the pool. There are also built-in vacuum systems for larger in-ground pools. These are perfect for cleaning dirt and sand in the water because these can easily slip through a skimmer or net.

5. Pool Cover

When you’re not using your pool, you should always keep it covered. There are different cover sizes for pools of all shapes. Even the smallest pool can benefit from a cover. Covers help to keep leaves, twigs, dirt, and bugs from falling into the water.

Covers can also help keep your water warm. When the temperature drops at night, a cover can help lock in heat. Solar covers use heat from the sun to warm your pool even further.

You can also install permanent covers on in-ground pools that are easily retractable. If you have a heated pool, a cover is necessary to make sure you don’t lose too much heat overnight.

6. Water Test Kit

Whether you’re using chlorine, shock, or bromine, you’ll need a water test kit to make sure you have safe sanitizer levels in your pool. These kits test the PH, alkalinity, and calcium levels. These help to ensure the sanitization levels are up to par. 

Salt-water pools also use salt-water test kits. If you use salt-chlorine, you’ll test for both chlorine and salt-water levels. These test kits should be used in pools as well as hot tubs.

BONUS: You can bring your pool water to our store and we'll test it for FREE!

7. Ground Cover or Mat

Before you install an above ground pool, you need to prep the ground. Whether you’re putting the pool on grass, concrete, or dirt, you need to make sure the surface is level. You also don’t want anything to rip the liner or bottom of a soft pool to cause a leak or tear.

To prep the ground for an above ground pool, a pool mat or ground cover is key. These mats help to make sure the ground is level and smooth before you put up your pool. Surrounding your pool with rocks, stepping stones, or a deck, can also help keep chlorine out of your grass and grass out of your pool.

8. Ladder and Safety Equipment

If your pool is deep enough, a ladder can help make sure everyone can enter and exit the pool safely. If you have small children, you should also get a ladder than can be removed when the pool isn’t in use. Make sure you get a ladder that works with the type of pool you have so it doesn’t tear the liner or slip while people are getting into the water.

In terms of pool safety, a gate or pool fence can be great for homes with small children. These are especially important when you have an in-ground pool.

Life jackets and other floatation devices can help keep those who have trouble swimming safe when properly supervised in the water.

Must-Have Pool Supplies

The right pool supplies are a must to keep your pool clean and clear. Swimming in a dirty pool with green or cloudy water can put a damper on summer fun. Skimmers, sanitizers, and pool covers will help to keep your pool free from bacteria, grass, and small debris.

When your pool is properly maintained it can last for years. If you’re ready to build or buy the pool of your dreams, fill out the contact form here to get in touch with a pool pro.

It’s time to sit back and enjoy your new oasis.

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