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Free Pool Water Testing

Want to make sure your pool water is safe, clear and clean? 

Its FREE and takes about 10 minutes to get the results.

Why would I get my pool water tested?

  • Most importantly, to protect swimmer's skin and eyes

  • Secondly, to make sure your pool remains healthy and clean

  • Lastly, to reduce damage to pool liners and other equipment

How do I get my pool water tested?

  1. Bring a 12 oz sample of your water to the Ideal Pools retail store.

  2. We'll run a series of tests to determine the quality of your pool water.

  3. Tell us the size and volume of your pool, or bring a picture so we can see the whole pool.

  4. You discover what treatments are necessary to balance out your pool.

Leave the guess work out and let Ideal Pools professionally test your water. We can then make specific recommendations to keep your pool clean, balanced and healthy.

We stay fully stocked with all the chemicals you need to keep your pool and spa crystal clear all season.

Any questions? Just call and ask.

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