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Inground Pools

There are endless possibilities with your pool design and Ideal Pools can help make your ideas come true.

From basic rectangle pools to mountain pond styles we can customize any inground pool to fit your property.

Inground pools provide:

  • Easy access to water

  • Smooth fit and finish

  • Backyard recreation

  • Location for family gatherings

  • Fun place to get exercise

  Vinyl Liner Pools

Vinyl liner inground pools are a great value option for those wanting an inground pool on their property. Material costs for a vinyl builder are the lowest, and they are generally easy to install.

A benefit of a vinyl liner inground pool is the fact that it is not rough on the feet and does not support algae growth. The non-porous surface leads to less chemical usage during pool season which leads to money savings on supplies.

Vinyl Lined Inground pools provide:

  • Budget-friendly inground pool options

  • Gentle on the feet

  • Lower chemical costs

  • Can be made into any shape

Reach out to us for more information or if you have any questions.


Take a look below at the wonderful shapes and sizes that an inground pool can be when installed on your property.

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Graphic showing different shapes and sizes of inground pools.

See more shapes and sizes.

Graphic with inground pool sizes and dimensions.
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