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6 Questions to Ask Before Installing an Inground Pool

Summer is well underway and you're probably trying to find new ways to beat the heat. Where are you supposed to go when the pools are closed and the ocean feels so far away? 

Why not get your own inground pool?

Having your own pool might feel like a luxury that you can't afford, but if it's going to benefit the lives of you and your family, you might want to take it into consideration. Who doesn't love a dip on a hot day or a cool swim at night? 

Sounds nice, doesn't it? 

If you're on the fence, don't worry. There's a lot to think about when you're considering an inground pool. It's a massive structural change; this isn't like setting up a kiddie pool on your lawn. 

Keep reading for a few questions that you might want to ask yourself or others before you decide on your new pool. 

1. What's the Cost Like? 

An inground pool is a costly venture. It's also an investment. 

Pools also add value to your home. If you intend on your current home being your forever home, this might not matter to you at the moment.

Eventually, though, your home will be worth a good chunk more than it did before the pool. This is an investment that will pay off eventually. 

In the meantime, you'll be enjoying your backyard on hot summer days.

There are several factors that go into the price of an inground pool. Size, material, time, and other factors all work themselves into the overall cost. It is going to be a large investment, but it might be worth it to have an awesome backyard oasis. 

2. Will It Get Used? 

So a pool sounds nice, but you should ask yourself if you're actually going to put it to good use. 

If it's only you in the home, a pool might be a bit too big of a project. Are you the kind of person that wants to swim every day? Does the cost of the local or gym pools not seem worthwhile to you? 

If you have a family or a lot of friends, a pool is going to get a lot of use. Between swimming practice, normal outdoor fun, and the bonus of pool parties, you can rest assured that this pool will get some traffic.

If you have children, your house might become the new go-to spot for the neighborhood kids that they're friends with.

3. Can My Yard Support a Pool?

Be realistic with yourself for a moment. You might have to determine whether or not your yard is actually capable of supporting the pool that you want. 

If you have a small yard, or one that's mostly taken up by a garden or deck, an inground pool might not be the best choice for you.

Consider that you're probably going to want to have some kind of flooring around the pool, and maybe some accessories as well. A pool that fills the whole yard from side to side might not be super functional.

Yards that are very uneven or with certain types of terrain may also not be suitable for an inground pool. 

If you're unsure, you may want to talk to some inground pool installers to see if an inground pool is an option for you or if you might be better off with an above-ground pool or a hot tub instead.

4. What Size and Shape Can It Be?

Not all pools are alike. You have several options when it comes to pool shapes and styles. 

While you might be tempted to just go with the plain (though popular) rectangular pool, don't limit yourself if you want something a little less common. 

Pools can be round, L-shaped, or curved like a cool architectural amoeba. If you have a concept in your brain, draw out an outline and see what the pool installers are able to do for you. They might have something that matches your vision. 

Do you want a large pool that can be seen from the street or a small pool that can fit in a nice corner of your yard?

Some of this will depend on the anatomy of your yard and your budget, but some of it is up to preference. 

5. How Long Is It Going to Take? 

A new inground pool is a genuine construction project and it's probably going to make a mess of your backyard for a short time. The payoff is great, but you might want to know ahead of time just how much of a timeslot you're going to need to carve out for your pool project. 

If you want your pool right now, you might want to choose a more temporary option. Construction of a pool takes several weeks. It's always fine to ask for a time estimate when you're inquiring about your potential new pool. 

Remember, your pool is forever. Even if you can't use it right this instant, once it's done, it's ready for whatever warm seasons come your way. 

6. What Other Accessories Do I Want?

When you're plotting out your pool, consider what you want your whole yard to look like? A big inground pool becomes the centerpiece to your entire outdoor space

Even if you can't afford these things now, keep them in mind for spacing purposes.

Do you want a surrounding deck for sunning?

Do you want a gazebo or a bar?

Knowing these things now will help you visualize the kind of pool that you need. 

Is an Inground Pool in Your Future?  

A brand new inground pool is a great addition to any home that can support it. You can have your own backyard oasis in just a few short weeks. (depending on season and schedule)

If you feel like adding value and fun to your home, consider if an inground pool is the right choice for you. 

For more information or to reach out and start the process of getting your new pool, visit our site and contact us

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