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8 Benefits of Above Ground Pools for New Homeowners

You are moving into a new home and the only thing that would make it perfect is the addition of a pool.

You are on a strict budget after buying the home, but that does not mean you can't get a pool. An above ground pool may be the perfect option for you.

Check out this guide to learn about the 8 benefits of above ground pools for new homeowners.

Photo of an above ground pool located in a backyard.

1. It's Affordable

Above ground pool prices are affordable. If you are buying on a budget, above ground pools should be your number one option.

Affordability does not mean lower quality. Some manufacturers produce quality above ground pools while still being affordable.

Above ground pools can cost as low as $1,500. In comparison, a basic in-ground pool can cost up to $45,000. This an expensive amount to pay for a pool for the average family.

Installing a pool that is above ground will be more affordable and give you virtually the same benefits.

2. Many Designs to Choose From

Above ground pools do not come in one boring model or layout. You have a lot of different pool designs to choose from when you buy an above ground pool. There are different shapes, sizes, construction materials, frame colors, wall patterns, and more.

The look and layout of your pool will be completely up to you. You can create your dream pool at a low cost.

With more options to choose from, you have the flexibility you wouldn't normally have if you get any other type of pool. Your budget and space can be taken into consideration more deeply because of all of the possibilities available to you.

Ideal Pools Inc. works with the largest manufacturer of family-sized above ground pools. This means you will have a wide selection to choose from.

3. Quick Installation

One of the major downsides to getting an in-ground pool is that it takes a long time to finish. You won't get to take a dip as soon as you'd like. Often, the time gets delayed longer because of weather conditions and other things that may come up during the build.

If you are ready to get a pool as soon as possible, above ground pools are your best bet. The installation is so quick you'll wonder why you ever considered an in-ground pool.

Although the installation is always quicker than that of an in-ground pool, the completion time depends on a few factors. These factors include the state your backyard is in, the style of pool you choose, the number of trees in the yard, and more.

A yard covered in trees will have a longer completion time. If your backyard needs to be graded for the pool, times will also be delayed. Overall, the completion time will take the shortest amount of time possible.

Depending on several factors, above ground pools can be installed and ready within one day. Installing a pool has never been so quick!

4. DIY Options

Maybe you promised your kids a swimming pool if they help you out in some way. A DIY pool kit could be the perfect opportunity.

For those who believe they are skilled enough to make things on their own, an above ground pool self-installation kit can be purchased. These kits will be stocked with everything you need to build the pool on your own. This is perfect for people who enjoy a little hard work and want things done on their own time.

Although this may seem like a great idea to some, others will wholeheartedly disagree. DIY options are not for everyone. This is why Ideal Pools Inc. has experienced professionals that are ready and able to install your dream above ground pool.

5. The Safer Option

Parents especially will appreciate the pool safety features that come with owning an above ground pool. Little ones won't be able to accidentally fall in because above ground pools are set up higher and are unreachable for children.

Not only is this option safer than in-ground pools, but it is also safer than public pools. No more visits to the public pool where disgusting things occur, making it unsafe for others. For example, one in five Americans admits to peeing in the pool.

You won't ever have to go to a public pool again when you have a perfectly good and safe one sitting on your property.

6. Easier Maintenance

Let's be honest, maintaining a pool can be hard work. Luckily, maintaining above ground pools is easy.

Because of their size and construction, these pool types are easier to maintain. This means they require fewer chemicals and upkeep. These benefits will not only save you money but can also save you time.

Nothing is hidden in an above ground pool. All parts of the pools can be easily accessed and maintained. Every part is visible to inspect and repair when needed.

7. It's Mobile

An in-ground pool is not going anywhere. You can never decide one day that you want to move it to another place. Removing the pool is an option, but it will cost you big bucks.

Above ground pools have a mobility factor that in-ground pools do not. This is beneficial for those planning to move one day but want to keep their pool. Your above ground pool can be moved and relocated with ease.

8. Take up Limited Space

You don't have the biggest backyard, but you still want a pool. An above ground pool can be your perfect fit.

Because of the many size options, an above ground pool can fit almost anywhere. They are even easier to install in smaller areas, because they require a lot less digging than in-ground pools.

Above Ground Pools For You

New homeowners can appreciate all of the benefits that come with owning an above ground pool. These 8 benefits can be all yours to reap. Your dream pool is waiting for you.

If you think above ground pools are for you, contact Ideal Pools Inc today!

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