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Updated: Jul 23

We get asked often why our prices are higher on certain things than some discounted places (catalogs, Amazon, etc) and why we can't price match. When you buy something through the "In The Swim" catalog for example, when it breaks or if you have questions, who do you call? Nine times out of 10 it would be us versus where you bought it.

To give an example, let's compare our 1lb pool shock to Walmart's "4 in 1" shock. The 1st two things you look for are the active ingredients and available chlorine. Ours is 73% active ingredient Calcium Hypochlorite and 70% available chlorine.

Theirs is 43.47% Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione (which is the active ingredient in our Chlorine Tabs that are 99%) with 40% available chlorine. The "4 in 1" it boasts also is simply a list of 4 things shock (all shocks) do to help your pool. Its not 4 different active ingredients helping you balance your pool. Yes, its cheaper at $2.50/lb versus $4.99 but again, you're getting what you pay for here.

With Ideal Pools Inc, you get the experts at your fingertips, and you get your products immediately. We'll have someone to guide you through filter trouble, pump malfunctions or chemistry concerns. Have your questions answered with an actual person who cares about what happens to your pool.

Benefit from a small, local business located next-door. Get called on by name, and asked how your children are and, how that treatment we recommended worked for you last week.

We are a local, small business who will provide you with dependable service, local knowledge face to face. We stand behind our products and our service.

With us, you ALWAYS get what you pay for, can you say the same for the others?


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