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Pool Design, Services and Supplies for Woonsocket, RI Pool Owners

Even though we are headquartered in Southbridge, MA, we'll provide in-ground and above ground pool and hot tub services for Rhode Island and all down Route 146.

We provide a variety of pool and hot tub services including:

  • Pool and hot tub opening, closing and maintenance

  • Pool and spa winterization, with covers and cleanup

  • Cleaning, maintenance and supplies for both inground and above ground pools

  • Pool and hot tub treatments including water tests

  • Liners of all types and repairs of those liners

From Woonsocket, RI, our store is only about 60 minutes away. Our showroom has:

We are a Bullfrog Hot Tub and Spas Dealer

Ideal Pools Inc is an Authorized Bullfrog Spa Dealer and we'll install any Bullfrog portable hot tubs for you to enjoy all year round.

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