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6 Reasons to Get a Hot Tub for Your Home

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Hot tubs are the epitome of luxury and relaxation but they are also known for their health benefits as well as their ability to promote mental and emotional well-being.

From clearing the body of toxins to improving cardiovascular health, there really seems to be no downside to having a hot tub in your home.

If you are looking for a new way to relax at home with your friends and family, a hot tub may be the answer. Here are the main reasons you should get a hot tub for your home.

Hot tub on deck that is over looking a lake at dusk.

1. Anxiety Relief 

Although it seems obvious, hot tubs and their connection to stress reduction and relaxation are extremely valuable. On top of the physical benefits regularly soaking in a hot tub, there is a mental and emotional benefit to it as well.

Stress is a common and dangerous health issue in the US that affects close relationships, sleep, mental health, weight, and overall well-being. Whether work is your source of stress or if it's the demands of modern life everyone deserves a break, including you.

You can incorporate hot tub sessions into your mornings to start the day off right or the evenings to wind down. Adding a soak in a hot tub to your daily life would be a life-changer.

You can face a stressful day head-on knowing that it will end with you soaking in a hot tub. 

Stress and anxiety can be managed with a proper diet, regular exercise, and proper sleep but another aspect to anxiety relief is time spent simply enjoying a moment of quiet. 

2. Promotes Quality Sleep 

Insomnia is a common struggle for Americans that links to depression, anxiety, weight gain, high blood sugar, the list goes on and on. When you're not getting enough sleep you can begin to stress over getting sleep which, in turn, makes you sleep even less.

Because sleep disorders can be difficult to treat on your own it can be discouraging and exhausting to try and find ways to finally get some rest. Supplements, medications, and sleep podcasts could help but have you considered soaking in a hot tub before bed?

Using a hot tub daily promotes stress relief as we know, but that ties into getting quality sleep as well. Studies on hot tubs and their connection to sleep showed that using a hot tub before bed leads to deep, restful sleep.

Having a nighttime sleep ritual to signal to your brain and body that its time for sleep and ending it with a nice soak in the hot tub sounds like the perfect thing to do to keep your nerves away. 

3. Self-Care 

When you're busy, it is easy to get stuck on auto-pilot. Life moves fast and time never stops, it can be easy to overlook your needs and it can be difficult to prioritize yourself.

Self-care and self-love are necessary for all people. By assuring that we take little moments of our hectic days to check in with ourselves will assure that we can handle any amount of stress that comes our way.

Taking care of our emotional and mental well-being results in resiliency and strength when things don't go our way. Having a hot tub in your home is a sure-fire way to ensure that you will set aside some quality time to be with yourself.

By taking care of yourself first and foremost, you will signal to others around you that your time is valuable and your needs are important. Self-care can also increase confidence and self-esteem.

4. Spa Treatment at Home 

By having a hot tub in your home, you no longer have to fantasize about vacation destinations during your 9-5. The vacation destination is your home!

Make it a complete experience by buying yourself a proper robe and slippers, putting on some relaxing music, and getting some waterside snacks and drinks.

You can even invite guests over and make an event out of it. Installing a hot tub will make your home a sanctuary for you, your family, and your friends!

5. Hot Tubs Can Be Enjoyed in Every Season 

Unlike pools, that can only be enjoyed in the summer and spring (depending on the climate), hot tubs can be enjoyed whatever the weather!

Hot tubs also give you the perfect reason to spend some time outside in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter ❄. You can enjoy a sunrise, sunset, or a starry night from the comfort of your hot tub.

6. Recover From Muscle and Joint Injuries  

When you're in a hot tub you are buoyant, meaning that you have less stress on your muscles and joints which leads to recovery. The temperature of the water helps relieve pain.

The hot water also increases circulation in the body which leads to a decrease in inflammation and an increase in joint mobility for up to hours after you get out of the tub. Regular soaks in the hot tub also decrease muscle spasms and it's a great way to recover after a hard work out.

If you have arthritis, hot tubs can also be helpful to provide a gentle place at home to do exercises for your joints. Water exercises are pain-free and they increase flexibility and strength without the pressure on your joints.

A bonus is that hot tubs can also aid in the relief of headaches by dilating the blood vessels. The pressure that builds up in the head during a migraine or a headache can be decreased because of the dilated vessels alongside the general comfort and warmth the hot tub provides. 

Get a Hot Tub and Increase Your Quality of Life 

The list above is only scratching the surface of what having a hot tub in your home can bring to your life.

Other than providing mental, physical, and emotional benefits, hot tubs also are less wasteful than taking hot baths at home. Hot tubs don't need to be refilled every day unlike warm baths, that's why proper maintenance is of utmost importance if you do decide to invest in one.

Contact us for more information on how to get a hot tub and make your home a sanctuary!  

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